Sunday, November 18, 2012

Elizabeth Phạm Phỏng Vấn Đặc Biệt


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Miracle Woman Marine Corps Pilot Captain Elizabeth Pham

Mời các bạn xem sinh hoạt trên hàng không mẫu hạm USS Nimitz - biển động

After initial flight training at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Floria, she was selected to participate in one of the first "total syllabus" jet curriculum classes and became the first Asian to become a Fixed Wing Naval Aviator and was later deployed to Iraq, becoming part of the first all-female F/A-18 aircrew and flying over 130 combat missions. In 2008, she served a second tour in Iraq, racking up a total of 1,000 mishap-free flight hours in the F/A-18.
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Photo: US Navy LCDR Christopher Phan and US Marine Corps Pilot Captain Elizabeth Pham

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