Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gởi con yêu dấu


Phỏng dịch bài thơ “To Our Dear Child”. (Author Unknown)

Huy Phương



On the day when you see us old, weak, and weary,
Have patience and try to understand us.
If we get dirty when eating,

If we can not dress on our own,
Please bear with us and remember the times,
We spent feeding you and dressing you up.
If, when we speak to you,
We repeat the same things over and over again,
Do not interrupt us. Listen to us.

When you were small,
We had to read to you the same story
A thousand and one times until you went to sleep.
When we do not want to have a shower,
Neither shame nor scold us.

Remember when we had to chase you
With your thousand excuses to get you to the shower?
When you see our ignorance of new technologies,
Help us navigate our way through those world wide webs.
We taught you how to do so many things,
To eat the right foods, to dress appropriately,
To fight for your rights.

When at some moment we lose the memory
Or the thread of our conversation,
Let us have the necessary time to remember.
And if we can not, do not become nervous,
As the most important thing is not our conversation,
But surely to be with you and to have you listening to us.
If ever we do not feel like eating, do not force us.
We know well when we need to and when not to eat.

When our tired legs give way
And do not allow us to walk without a cane,
Lend us your hand. The same way we did
When you tired your first faltering steps.
And when someday we say to you,
That we do not want to live any more, that we want to die,
Do not get angry. Some day you will understand.
Try to understand that our age is not just lived but survived.
Some day you will realize that, despite our mistakes,
We always wanted the best for you
And we tried to prepare the way for you.
You must not feel sad, angry nor ashamed
For having us near you.
Instead, try to understand us and help us
Like we did when you were young.
Help us to walk.
Help us to live the rest of our life with love and dignity.
We will pay you with a smile and by the immense love
We have always had for you in our hearts.
We love you, child.                                         

Mom and Dad


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