Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mr. Hanh Tran: Vô Địch Poker Quốc Tế


Một người gốc Việt đã thắng giải vô địch cuộc thi đánh bài “2011 Everest Poker International Cup” tổ chức tại sòng bài Casino Mediterraneo ở thị trấn Alicante, Tây Ban nha, hôm cuối tuần, theo bản tin của báo PokerNews hôm 12-9-2011.
Ông Hanh Tran, với quốc tịch Áo Quốc, đã thắng giải vô địch và lấy về tiền mặt 15,000 Euro (20,626 đôla Mỹ) trong cuộc so tài đánh bài poker giữa 41 đấu thủ từ 12 quốc gia.
Tổng số các giải thưởng là 50,000 Euro (75,000 đôla).


Hanh Tran Wins 2011 Everest Poker International Cup.

This past weekend, Everest Poker offered its fifth edition of the Everest Poker International Cup Finale. The tournament, which was held at Casino Mediterraneo in Alicante, Spain, saw 41 players from 12 nationalities compete for a $75,000 (€50,000) prize pool. What’s more, the tournament was a promotional freeroll offered by Everest Poker that allowed both online and live players their chance to qualify this past summer. Live-event qualifier Hanh Tran emerged victorious and took down the €15,000 first-place prize.

PokerNews has also been represented in the event, after the winner of the 4 week EPIC League Final has collected the right to participate in the live tournament. Even-Marten Korberg from Estonia did not stop there, he came 17th in the Live Final, pocketing 600 euros.


The Everest Poker International Cup has been a flagship promotion for Everest Poker dating back to 2006 with past events in Barcelona, Vilamoura, Sardinia, the Canary Islands, and Vienna, Austria, just to name a few. In fact, it was at the latter location that Tran qualified for the event at Montesino Casino.

“Everest Poker organized a very nice tournament,” Tran said after his win. “The combination of a beautiful beach resort and a poker tournament is great; the hotel and service was really good and the Everest Poker staff helpful and friendly. The professional structure by TK Events was especially brilliant. I was down to only four big blinds at a certain point. But thanks to the deep stack structure, I worked my way up to the final table. Thank you Everest Poker!”

Here is a look at all the payouts from the Everest Poker International Cup:

Pay out of the Everest Poker International Cup 2011


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