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The Nobel Peace Prize 2012 for Priest Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly


February, 09, 2012

Dear Mrs, Dear Mr ,

Catholic Priest Thaddeus Nguyen van Ly, a well-known human rights activist, has worked relentlessly (uninterrupted) since over 30 years in his homeland, Vietnam, peaceful for democracy and human rights.

Priest Nguyen van Ly has received numerous Peace Prizes from many organizations; amongst these are the Shalom prize given by the Catholic University of Eichstatt, and the Hellmann Hammett prize given by Human Rights Watch. He has used all prize money given to him to continue his work for human rights.

We believe that priest Thaddeus Nguyen van Ly and the Vietnamese pro-democracy movement should have the opportunity to be nominated for the Nobel peace prize. A nomination for the Nobel peace prize for Priest Nguyen van Ly will send a strong message of support and encouragement to the members of the Vietnamese pro-democracy movement in their difficult struggle. As the same time, it will send a clear message to the Vietnamese government, calling on them to stop their attacks on dissidents, to stop their on-going oppression toward their own citizens, and to begin a dialogue with their peaceful and pro-democratic opposition.  We hope that this will ultimately lead to democracy, respect for human rights, freedom of belief, and political liberty, with in Vietnam.

We respectfully ask you to send your nomination for Priest Thaddeus Nguyen van Ly, before February , 2012, to the Nobel Prize committee by fax or by post:

Nobel Peace Prize Selection Committee
The Norwegian Nobel Institute
Henrik Ibsens gate 51,
N-0255 Oslo - Norway
Tel :  (00) 47 22 12 93 00
Fax : (00) 47 22 12 93 10

We thank very much for your attention and your support.

Sincerely Yours,

Enclosure: Biography of Priest Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly.

Thai Thanh Thuy (thaithanhthuytt@googlemail .com)

Vietnam Progression Party

On Sept,2010 , current Father Ly was crippled arm and jambre after prison ,but he continues to strike fain to contest the invader of China in the Paracel and Spratly Islands and protesting against Chinese quiet yet comprehensive invasion of Vietnam with the oomplicité of communist party Vietnamese and the gourvenement Vietnamese dictatorship, father Ly re-proclaims an election with several party in 2011, liberer prisionniers politiques,freedom of press and to respect human right.

Mouth of Father Ly was closed by the security officer in front of judges, public prosecutors and the press in the courtroom on March 30, 2007.
Father Thaddée Nguyên Van Ly, from prison to the hospital of Hanoi
image – November 19, 2009
ROME – Father Thaddée Nguyên Van Ly was urgently transported to a hospital in Hanoi, indicates “Churches of Asia”, the office of Foreign Missions of Paris (MEP).
Early in the morning of November 14th, 2009, Father Thaddée Nguyên Van Ly suffered a stroke which paralyzed the right side of his body.  He was immediately transported to the Security Hospital (also known as the 18 September Hospital) in Hanoi from Section 11 of the Ba Sao Prison where he had been sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment.
Members of his family were authorized to stay and to take care of him.
According to certain information provided to a reporter for Radio Free Asia (1) on Tuesday, November 17th by a nephew of the priest, his health appears to have improved somewhat during his stay at the hospital and on that day he was able to raise his right arm and right leg several centimeters above his bed.
According to the same person, Father Ly is staying in a single room and looked after by a competent medical staff.  Four or five agents are insuring his “security”.
A newswire by AFP (2) reports the declarations of the American lawyer, Maran Turner, the head of Freedom Now, a group for the defense of dissidents.  She declared that the priest had been suffered a stroke while he was kneeing to pray on Saturday, November 14th.  However, the relatives of the priest specified that the paralysis of the right-hand side that followed only affected his arm and his leg; his face was not deformed and the Priest continued to speak as usual.  The nephew of Father Ly added that his uncle’s spirits were good and that he was very optimistic.
The American lawyer had also called on the Vietnamese government to release the dissident priest immediately so that he can receive the medical care that he needs.
On the day before September 2, the national holiday, the Minister of the Security announced that the name of Father Thaddée Nguyên Van Ly would not figure on the list of the 5,500 prisoners receiving a pardon on this occasion, and he declared that “inside the detention camp, the good health of the prisoner was assured.” (3)
However, the priest’s sister and nephew reported that when they visited him on August 24th, he had arrived in the visiting room limping.  He explained that he had had a series of health problems since last May, undoubtedly due to his high blood pressure: hemorrhages, falls, the beginning of paralysis in his limbs.  When the Archbishop of Huê was informed of this, he recommended that the imprisoned priest be remembered in the prayers of the priests of the diocese and urged two of them to visit him in prison (4).  When he met with them, Father Ly told them about his health problems but assured them that the care given by the doctors in prison was sufficient.  Previously, both priests had asked the prison authorities to authorize him to go to the hospital where he could get proper care and medication or to release him early from prison.
Father Ly is presently being detained for eight years in the detention camp at Ba Sao, in the province of Ha Nam.  This sentence was rendered on March 30, 2007, by the People’s Court of Huê, after a trial during which he was not allowed to speak (5).  After five stays in prison since 1975, the priest has now spent more than sixteen years in prison.
(1) Radio Free Asia, broadcasts in Vietnamese, November 16 and 17, 2009.  See also broadcasts in Vietnamese on BBC, November 17, 2009
(2 ) AFP, Washington, November 16, 2009.(3) See EDA 512(4) See EDA 514
(5) See EDA 460
The Hanoi authorities have demonstrated a criminal approach towards some prisoners of conscience who are being held in detention despite their very precarious health.  Father Nguyen Van Ly, the chief editor of an opposition newspaper, had a cerebral struck while in his cell.
“This iron hand of the authorities towards political prisoners, particularly concerning journalists and writers, is not worthy of a country that has just chaired the United Nations Security Council. 
Given the urgency of these humanitarian situations, we hope for a public reaction from the European Union which maintains a dialogue on human rights with Vietnam and from which we are still awaiting results”, asserted Reporters without Borders.
Reporters Without Borders - November 19, 2009
On April 10, 2010, Father Ly told the Canadian Ambassador Deanna Horton in a telephone call that Bloc 8406 will change its strategy. Bloc 8406 now wants to convince the Vietnamese Communists instead of being oppressed by them. With Father Ly as one of its founder, the members want  to convince the communists by showing their faith and their ethics.


Biography of Father Nguyen Van Ly

Born on August 31st, 1947; arrested septembre 1977

In September 1977, Father Ly was arrested because of distributing two essays by Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien about the religious oppression of the government. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and sent to a prison labour camp near Hue. One year later, authorities released Father Ly but forbade him to engage in religious activities.

Father Ly continued his religious teachings and in January 1983 he was ordered into internal exile by the Vietnamese authorities. He sent a letter in reply which exposed the government's religious oppression, and he pledged to remain at his parish, where his followers gathered around his residence in support. On the morning of May 18, 1983, Father Ly was arrested by security forces by violence. He was subsequently sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and 4 years probation. Released in July 1992, Father Ly was placed under police surveillance and again banned from conducting religious activities.

On November 24, 1994, he issued a "10-point Statement on the State of the Catholic Church in Hue Diocese" detailing the Vietnamese government's violations of religious freedom. Authorities exiled him to Thuy Bieu village near Hue which had only a small Catholic community.  On November 2000, Father Ly re-stated his 10-point Statement, followed by an appeal titled "We Need True Religious Freedom in Vietnam."

On May 17, 2001, over 600 security police stormed An Truyen Parish to arrest Father Nguyen Van Ly. In a two-hour trial on October 19, 2001, with forbiddance  of press coverage, Father Ly was sentenced to 15 years in prison and 5 years of house arrest. As a result of international pressure, Father Ly was released from prison in early 2005.  Despite a lung condition and his having been placed under house arrest, he immediately took up work for human right.


On 8 April 2006, “Bloc 8406” was founded, Father Ly is one of the founders. For the first time, 118 Human Rights activists across Vietnam unanimously spoke up to address the lack of freedom in Vietnam and called for democratization of the country in the “Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam in 2006”.

On April 15th, 2006, the first and only privately-owned printed bi-weekly magazine in Vietnam, “Freedom of Speech”, was published by Father Ly and three other Catholic Priests, and distributed free of charge thoughout Vietnam via an underground delivery network.


On August 22, 2006, Bloc 8406 proposed the steps and stages that will lead to the democratization of Vietnam, titled “Progress to Democratise Vietnam in four stages and eight steps.”


On March 30th, 2007, Father Ly was sentenced to 8 years in prison and to 5 years to house arrest because of „propaganda against the socialist government". His mouth was kept shut by the security officer in front of judges, public prosecutors and the press in the courtroom when he tried to say something. The self-defence is allowed by law of the socialist republic Vietnam.

Because of international pressure after his three strokes, Father Ly was temporarily released from detention for a period of 12 months to receive medical.

On Sept,2010 ,current Father Ly was crippled arm and jambre after prison ,but he continues to strike fain to contest the invader of China in the Paracel and Spratly Islands and protesting against Chinese quiet yet comprehensive invasion of Vietnam with the oomplicité of communist party Vietnamese and the gourvenement Vietnamese dictatorship, father Ly re-proclaims an election with several party in 2011, liberer prisionniers politiques,freedom of press and to respect human right.

On the 25.07.2011, the priest Nguyên van  Ly is once again stopped

The World, The United States, Canada, Norway, EU and ONG claims released 'un priest dissident Of associations of defence of rights of l 'Homme joined on Wednesday in l 'appel the United States, Canada, EU immediate release d 'un Catholic priest and Vietnamese dissident stopped on Monday afterwards more d 'un year of interim freedom for medical reasons.

« We call the Vietnamese government to liberate immediately » Nguyen Van Ly, declared a spokeswoman of the Department d American 'Etat, Heide Bronke Fulton. « No individual should be imprisoned to have expressed his freedom of word », she added, insisting for qu 'il be able to continue being treated for his cerebral tumour.

« Atrocity and l 'injustice of its condemnation of departure » aggravated

The father Ly, among which the United States, Canada, Norway, EU stand up many years, had been condemned in 2007 in eight years of prison for propaganda against l 'Etat, notably accused d 'être in l 'origine of the « block 8406 », a movement pro-democracy been born on April 8th, 2006 and calling to multiparty system in a country where the Communist Party exercises a power without distribution.

His trouble had been suspended for one year by justice in March, 2010 for medical reasons.

« To return the father Ly in prison makes atrocity qu 'aggraver and l 'injustice of its condemnation of departure », commented on Wednesday Human Rights Watch, noting qu 'il should another cross five years behind rungs then five others under house arrest.

 « A fragile Catholic priest who campaigned pacifically »

For Amnesty International, RSF, and Pen club, father Ly is « a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned only for his peaceful job in favour of democracy », and n 'aurait « never had to be above all stopped ».

The American Commission on the international religious liberty, organization which advises the US government, has on its stressed side that Washington had recently helped Hanoï in its territorial conflict with Beijing at sea of China of the South. “And in answer, they stop a fragile catholic priest who militated peacefully for the religious liberty and l' rule of law”, commented on its president Leonard Leo.

« L 'administration Obama cannot follow a strategy which puts forward the interests of the Vietnam in security and d 'économie without waiting for concrete improvements concerning American interests in religious freedom and d 'état of right », it insisted.

The ancient two enemies restored their diplomatic relations in 1995, twenty years after the end of war, and n 'ont stopped since multiplying the programs of collaboration including in military domain.

Father Nguyên Van Ly uses non-violent struggle as Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand in India et Dai Lama in Tibet did.
Father Nguyen Van Ly’s non-violent struggle is based on international human rights principles and standards.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in its Preamble:
"Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”
“Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom.”
“Whereas Member States have pledged themselves to achieve, in cooperation with the United Nations, the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. “
Therefore, items (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (13) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the UN General Assembly contain the following key points for the human being:
Art. 1: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights ..."
Art. 2: “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion …”
Art. 3: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”
Art. 4: “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.”
Art. 5: “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”
Art. 6: “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.”
Art. 13: “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.”
By believing in the foundation of human and social standards recognized and protected by the United Nations General Assembly; specially filled with the humanist spirit of Christianity; and with the desire for Justice and truth, Father Nguyên Van Ly undertook a non-violent struggle for decades.  He fought not for his own personal interests but for those of others.  He sacrificed himself for his believe in human rights.
It is true that the Vietnamese people did not benefit from a hundredth of such universal rights for which communist Vietnam asked to be a member and solemnly proclaimed to implement the articles of such International Convention.  Worse, the Vietnamese people is not treated decently and the Vietnamese government does not implement the texts of law provided in the Constitution of 1992:  freedom of religion, land property rights, private property rights, right to vote, right of information … Yet, the authorities are those that drafted such texts.  In other words, Father Nguyên Van Ly’s truggle aims to protect the people, to protect Justice and to eradicate lie.
In summary, hereafter are the essential goals of the long non-violent struggle of Father Nguyen Van Ly:
1/ Freedom and Human Rights
1.1     Freedom of movement and residence: Under the communist regime, the word freedom only exists in the texts.  In all official documents, the regime always uses the term "freedom".  Actually, the people of Vietnam has no freedom of movement or residence.
1.2     Freedom of assembly, organization, association:  Such freedom does exist in the official texts of the communist regime of Vietnam.  But only the State has the right to hold meetings across the authorized state structures. The people have no such right.
1.3     Freedom of information, of thought, and propagation of opinions:  The communist regime advocated that people do not need a personal opinion and certainly not the right to propagate personal thoughts to others. A concrete example: no free press or information. The photo where we see the Reverend Father gagged People's Court of Hue shows the restriction of the right to express his opinion. (Attached is the picture of Hue and the trial of ...)
1.4     Freedom of religion: we can clearly assert that the activities of worship in Vietnam must be approved by the central or regional authorities.  (Attached: "Declaration in 10 points", "9 appeals", "2 testimonies before the American Commission for Freedom of Religion in the World and in front of the American Chamber", " 2 statements and reports on the violations of freedom of religion in Vietnam).
2/ Equality and Justice
The communist regime also has a judiciary system.  But the latter does not guarantee equality or protect people’s interest.  On the contrary, it is only there to cover and protect State officials and executives of the Vietnamese Communist Party.  The people does not have any clue of what truth, equality or justice mean.  In fact, the law in a communist regime is exclusively beneficial to those that detain power, whatever is stipulated in the texts of law and without taking into account equality or justice!  It is the reason why Ms. Angela Merkel, Germany Prime Minister declared: "the communist society is a society that creates the lie" (copies of judgments relating to Father Nguyên Van Ly and lawyer Lê Thi Công Nhân are attached).
3/ Institution of a Democracy
Democracy is an essential institution in communist constitutional laws.  Actually, the people has never been able to use or to take advantage of such institution.  In a communist regime, there is only one single system called "democracy": candidates to general elections are appointed by the Communist Party and the people has only one single right, to vote for the candidate of the Party.  In the executive functions, the Head of State, Prime Minister and Ministers are all known in advance at the Plenary Meeting of the Communist Party and are designated before any general election.  (Attached, the document on the "10 essential conditions at the 2007 general election with Pluralism, Freedom and Democracy to avoid boycott from the Vietnamese people”)
Father Nguyên Van Ly fights for freedom of vote and the institution of a democracy following the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, as does Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma.
Because of his struggle for fundamental rights, Father Nguyên Van Ly has been imprisoned for several years by the Vietnamese communist authorities in difficult conditions, isolated, and deprived of any civil right.  But, above all, he himself refused any so-called favors reserved to the Vietnamese clergy by the communist regime so that he can fight for the people’s right to live with dignity and as true human beings.
(The duration of time that Father Ly was deprived of his liberty amounts to that of Mr. Nelson Mandala in South Africa or of Mr. Lech Walesa in Poland).
Father Nguyên Van Ly proved exceptional courage.  He has given big sacrifice.  His heart is full of love for others.  Love is what encouraged Father Ly on his path to life.
We can say that no prize nor award could compensate his sacrifice because he lost too much, he has been too many times mentally persecuted and he has been so much deprived.  No compensation could reimburse the debt of his big heart that he has given.  Because he fights for human rights and for such rights only.  He does not fight for any potential power in the future because he is just a priest, which means everything for him and in his fight.  Father Nguyên Van Ly is an exceptional example for all of us and we shall remember him for ever.  Also, the "gagging picture" said it all!
No writing, no thought could tell more or express better than this picture.  This picture showed the world that human values and dignity should be protected.  They are our eternal inheritance, not only for Vietnam but for the entire world whenever we want to protect human dignity and human rights.
4/ Peace
During his meeting with American Ambassador Michael Michalak on October 14, 2009 at Nam Hà prison, Father Nguyên Van Ly expressed his thought concerning the reorganization of the United Nations Organization and its Security Council.

The reverend father Nguyên Van Ly struggles for violent, very as Mr Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand in India and reverend Dai lama in the Tibet


Father Nguyen Van Ly sits in his room inside the Hue Archdiocese in Hue city on March 15, 2010.

Father Nguyen Van Ly at the Archdiocese of Hue during his temporary medical parole from prison.

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