Thursday, January 21, 2021

First Look at Trump’s ‘Transition’ Letter to Joe Biden


January 20, 2021


Dear Joe:


It is my great honer to offer you "Congratulations" on becoming President in the phony rigged election that I won. I wish you and your family nothing but the best during this disgraceful period in our Nation's history.


Your wife, by the way, is not a real "doctor." At least that's what people are saying. She seems like a wonderful woman (nice legs) who has said some very nasty things about me. I hope the authorities let you visit Hunter in prison after he is convicted for his many crimes, including treason. Believe me, I know what it's like to be disappointed by your children.


Perhaps we have more in common than you think. Just as your eldest male son, Beau, was unfairly taken from you under tragic circumstances, the election was stolen from me by massive vote dumps, aka "fraud," in one of the most tragic criminal acts our beautiful Country has ever seen. Look at Fulton County signatures, human drop boxes. We have the numbers. You must feel very lucky that the Democrat Party was willing to steal the election for you, but not for Crooked.


Because you are a Democrat, the China virus will "magically disappear." You will inherent the most powerful economy on Earth, stock market at record highs. Your welcome! Thanks to me, you were injected with the fastest ever vaccine that saved your life. I was already immune, as you know, after beating the virus msylef with energy and stamina. I hope you can find the courage to stop China from raping our Country.


You will face many difficult decisions in the months and years ahead. Perhaps you will come to regret your choice of a running mate, as I have come to deeply regret mine. Kamala Harris is a horrible no class person, but she is not a "pussy." Watch your back, Joe! Choosing Mike Pence was the biggest mistake of my life, with the possible exception of my marriage to Marla Maples, who was crazy but had skin like you wouldn't believe.


As my final act as President, I hereby pardon the musical artist "Lil Wayne," and myself (Donald J. Trump) for all crimes: past, present, and future.






Donald J. Trump


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