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Dạ tiệc Giáng Sinh 2013





                       "Phúc thay ai xót thương người,
                  vì họ sẽ được Thiên Chúa xót thương."
                                    (Mát-thêu 5:7)

                Mến Tặng Hội Từ Thiện "Messengers Of Love" -
       Sứ Giả Tình Yêu - Nhân dịp kỷ niệm năm thứ VI thành lập
                  được tổ chức tại Houston, TX, Dec. 7, 2013 
                            với chủ đề "Love Without Border".

Messengers of Love Sixth Anniversary Christmas Charity Gala -
Love without Border

Houston --- Messengers of Love will be celebrating its 6th Year Anniversary Christmas Charity “Love Without Borders” Gala this coming December.  The event will be held at:  Ocean Palace (Grand Banquet room)11215 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072 on Saturday, December 7th, 2013, time:  5:30 pm – 12:30 am.

The Christmas Gala is MOL’s major fundraiser that enables MOL to continue its charitable operations, benefiting over 5000 orphans and poor children of Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia.

At this event, guests will enjoy engaging entertainment with world renowned professional ballroom dancers Uliana Maslovskaya & Stefan Golubovic - national champions of Russia and Montenegro, spectacular dance performance from American Got Talents Mitsi Dance School, guitar virtuoso Dat Nguyen, Christmas quartet and choir, a delicious wedding style eight-course meal, lively auction, picture to take home, dancing with live CBC band, and an opportunity to make an important difference in the life of a child in need.

Corporate and business sponsorship are welcomed.  Sponsorship/Donation form can be downloaded from MOL’s website.  For ticketing information or reservation, email: 
messengersoflove@gmail.com, by phone: (832)539-2444 by November 21, 2013.  To make a donation, please send check to MOL’s address. 

To reserve seat & to purchase tickets on line, please visit:  http://messengersoflove.org.eventbrite.com/

To watch announcement on Youtube:  

You can make a difference by helping and joining MoL in bringing love and joy to these little ones this Holiday season.  

Messengers of Love Holiday Team

Flyer_MOL_ChristmasCharityGala_2013 2

Messengers of Love (MOL) is a 501c(3) charity organization that provides much needed assistance to orphaned and disadvantaged poor children in Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries. 

Tax ID # 11-3730103 - CFC Code 34043

Messengers of Love
P.O. Box 590936
Houston, TX 77259

Email:  MessengersOfLove@gmail.com
832-647-7233, 713-670-4173

Your dollar can go a long way in making a difference in a child's life. 

"Holiday Gifts & Meals":  $10 per child will get each child a gift package which includes a brand new outfit, sandals, facecloth, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, snacks & candies, small toy and sumptuous dinner with good nutritious food for Christmas and Lunar New Year.  We also ship rice, buy bicycles, give other supplies in addition to the gifts.  To give them happy childhood memories, we also send Santa Claus to hand deliver the gift and give good luck li xi money.

"Scholarship for a Poor Student":  $10 per child per month will subsidize tuition, school lunch, book and uniform to send a child to school.

"Home for a Poor Family":  Only $1200 can build a new 2 room cement home for   for a poor leper handicapped family.  

See other MOL Programs such as School & Orphanage remodeling, Medical Services, Clean Water System for a village, Invest in a Child's Future.  

                                                          Donate button

  About Messengers of Love 
Messengersof Love (MoL) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization - Tax ID #:  11-3730103.  Member of the Combined Federal Campaign - C
FC Code:  34043

Kontum_ChildrenSinging.JPGPURPOSE:  MoL started with the purpose of sponsor and help bringing love and happiness, special moments to the orphaned children of Vietnam.  Each year, thousands of children in countries such as Vietnam are abandoned by their parents for reasons such as illness, death, and economics hardship. These children end up on the streets or in orphanages.  According to Unicef, over a million children in Vietnam are orphaned and live on the street or in orphanages.  These children lack access to essential health services, suffer from hunger or even starvation, experience mental and physical health problems.  They have no hope of a future and have no one to love.  
beHuyen2.jpgChildren who grow up unloved and abandoned will often experience low self esteem and emotional insecurity, which could adversely affect their futures. Through our love and support, we can make a positive impact on a child’s life, and brightening their future. Their future will be improved because they have been physically and emotionally nurtured, they will grow up confident and emotionally secure, and will be more likely to treat others with kindness. 
*  MoL started the “Holiday Gift & Meal for a Child” program in Christmas of 2003 and Tet (Lunar New Year) 2004, with gifts for 150 children in 3 orphanages and for 1000 poor people who live in the high mountains.
In Christmas 2012 and Tet 2013, MoL was able to provide gifts to more than 4600 children including orphans from 27 orphanages (including 2 orphanages in India & one in Cambodia) and the poor children from 26 poor villages
*  MoL provided yearly Tet's gifts to over 300 families and 1000 adults including the poor, handIMG_5516.jpgicapped and ex-lepers. 
*  MoL currently sponsors 160 poor students and subsidizes tuition, lunch money, uniform and books. 
*  MoL currently invests in 10 bright poor students and send them to special programs including boarding schools.  We have three graduating from college this year. 
*  MoL recently added Medical and Health Services programs and had sponsored 3 children, one severely burned child, one with impaired vision, one with severe facial pigmentation to come to the USA for medical surgery, while supporting burned mission medical trips to Vietnam.
*  MoL was able to build a total of 35 new homes for ex-lepers and poor families and is currently building 5 more.
*  MoL remodeled 3 schools in Hue, built 3 dining halls for three rural schools, and one orphanage in Ho Nai.  
*  MoL helped dig six wells for the poor villages of Gailai, provided 4 clean water  systems in the villages close to Thua Thien and Kontum, and provided one acre of cashew trees to the poor village near Kontum.
*  MoL provides yearly disaster relief to over 200 flood victim families of central Vietnam.  

PROGRAMS & SERVICES:  Messengers of Love’s programs are implemented yearly through the help of volunteers, religious figures including nuns, priests, monks, both locally in the USA and abroad.  The programs are designed to meet the needs of the individuals MoL serves and accomplish its goals and missions.   

1)  Sponsor an Orphan

2)  Educational Assistance for a Poor Student

3)  Holiday Care Package, Gift and Meal 
4)  Building a Home for the Poor  
5)  Orphanage & School Remodeling
6)  Medical and Health Services
7)  Disaster Relief

8)  Invest in a Child's Future

9)  Computer and English training


*  On line donation:  www.messengersoflove.com/donation  
*  CFC pledge for government employees, Messengers of Love CFC CODE34043

*  To send check, make payable to Messengers of Love
, send to:
Messengers of Love,
P.O Box 590936
Houston, TX 77259
*  For inquiry, contact: Messengersoflove@Gmail.com, Phone: 832-647-7233 
*  For monthly donation via Credit card, please download form at Messengers Of Love or contact us.  
 Click Here To View MoL Christmas Slideshow! • 

Click here to view MoL Year End Report

Dec 08, 2012
MoL xin mạn phép được báo tin tới cho quý vị làm việc cho US federal government là Messengers of Love (www.MessengersOfLove.com) đã được vào chương trình CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) năm thứ 2, code ...

May 18, 2011
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAjy9CadQv8. Một tiếng kêu cứu. Những Mảnh Đời Bất Hạnh. * Câu chuyện về những người cùi và các em cô nhi ở ViệtNam. image. Theresa Trần Thị Ly Băng. www.messengersoflove.com.

Feb 08, 2013
Trong bài này người viết xin giới thiệu đến quý vị độc giả về một ngày lễ tình yêu mà hội từ thiện Sứ Giả Tình Yêu (MOL) hay còn gọi là Messengers of Love (MOL) đã thực hiện thầm lặng hằng ngày trong nhiều năm qua.

May 06, 2012
image. Chuyến công tác thiện nguyện hai tháng liền của Messengers Of Love, hội Sứ Giả Tình Yêu, từ Houston Texas đến Campuchia và sau đó là các vùng miền xa xôi hẻo lánh của Việt Nam. image. Courtesy from M.O.L.

May 17, 2012
Còn vùng Tây Nam thì có nhiều tổ chức khác nhưng đặc biệt nhất là Hội từ thiện Sứ Giả Tình Yêu, hay “Messengers Of Love,” đã tổ chức "Một Ngày Cho Mẹ" vào thứ Bảy và Chủ Nhật, 12 và 13 tháng Năm. Trong hai ngày này ...

Aug 05, 2011
http://messengersoflove.com/index.htm. The Inspiration. Christmas 2002: It was the Sunday before Christmas day. I saw her in church. A little Asian girl in a pretty dress was sitting a few rows in front of me. She must have been ...


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